Welcome to OSCI, where commercial organizations are ranked by the volume of their employees’ year-to-date open source contributions on GitHub, the leading source code repository for free and open source (FOSS) projects.

Open Source Contributor Index

Updated January 12th, 2022

The table below shows the OSCI rankings for GitHub activity up to end of December 2021. Positions are compared to the rankings at the end of November. Microsoft, Google, Red Hat, IBM and Intel take the Top 5 positions for organizations actively contributing to open source in 2021. At the end of the year most of the companies hold their positions without significant shifts over the previous months.



About OSCI

To learn more about OSCI, take a look at this article in our blog section about OSCI and why we created it.

How does OSCI work?

To create this index, we use publicly available GitHub commit event data from GH Archive. This includes all year-to-date commits to public GitHub projects, which generally correlates to them being open source. OSCI measures the Active Contributors (10+ commits) and the Total Community (1+ commit) at each organization. In the spirit of transparency in the open source community, the query logic of OSCI is available on GitHub. The latest OSCI rankings are published monthly. The archive of the previous rankings is stored on the OSCI GitHub repo.

How are commit authors linked to commercial organizations?

The email domain of the commit author is used to identify their organization. The goal of OSCI is to rank open source activity by commercial organizations, so contributors with email addresses from universities, research institutions and free email providers are not included.

Who owns and manages OSCI?

EPAM is the company behind OSCI. Our team created OSCI because we believe it is important to highlight the top contributing organizations who recognize the value of open source as much as we do.

EPAM continuously supports internal Open Source culture and welcomes passionate developers from the Open Source community. To learn about career opportunities, please visit epam.com/careers