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Check out some of the newest features we’ve added to OSCI below. We always incorporate user feedback into the build and design of the tool, and we hope that this update, as well as future updates, continue to improve your OSCI experience.

May 2022

Improved Ranking Algorithm

New algorithm ranks all organizations by total community number when all other factors are equal. Previously, all organizations have been ranked by their active contributors number only. This improvement allows OSCI to reflect the actual organization's ranking in the open source community by comparing two variables simultaneously.

NB: New algorithm applies to the ranking report starting from 01-May-2022. Historical data is not affected.

April 2022

Smart Search

OSCI’s new search function is a fast and effective way to find any organization in the ranking. Double click the organization filter and start typing the desired organization name in the field. OSCI will provide a list of organizations matching your search criteria

Daily Insights

View daily changes in the rankings with our new daily insights widget. Just select the daily tab on the dashboard, select any date on the calendar you’re interested in, and check up on the daily changes in various organizations’ open source activity.

What’s coming next?

We are excited to continue pushing out updates to OSCI. In our next release we are planning to introduce a new and simplified way of adding an organization to the rankings. We thank you for your continued use of the tool, as well as your valuable feedback that allows us to constantly improve OSCI. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

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