EPAM to Debut Open Source Contributor Index at Annual Software Engineering Conference

New Tool Ranks Top Companies That Contribute to Open Source Each Month

Newtown, PA – September 19, 2019 – EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services, today announced that it will launch its Open Source Contributor Index (OSCI), a tool that ranks the top open source contributors by commercial organization, at the company’s annual Software Engineering Conference (SEC) on September 21, 2019. The OSCI solution, which is open source itself, is based on an algorithm that calculates the number of employee commits to GitHub, the leading source code repository for the open source community.

“EPAM has always been a strong proponent of open source as an effective way for our enterprise clients to build technology solutions that are flexible, adaptable and robust,” said Jitin Agarwal, VP, Enterprise Products, EPAM. “Our team created the Open Source Contributor Index because we believe it is important to highlight the top contributing organizations who recognize the value of open source as much as we do. We’re proud that EPAM has consistently ranked as a top open source contributor over the past few years, and in fact, is the leading service provider on the index, which is especially impressive given our size and scale.”

EPAM’s software engineering team experimented with several different algorithms in developing the logic behind OSCI. Built on Microsoft Azure, OSCI uses publicly available GitHub commit event data from the GH Archive and includes contributions from employees of commercial organizations – universities, research institutions and contributors from free email providers are not included. The key measurement utilized in the algorithm is the number of employees who have made over 10 commits, which highlights the number of highly active contributors to open source projects at the company. The secondary measure for OSCI tracks the number of employees who made one commit, indicating the overall size of the open source community at the company. To ensure transparency, OSCI’s source code can be found on GitHub.

The OSCI is part of the new EPAM SolutionsHub, a one-stop repository of its software solutions. Using EPAM SolutionsHub, IT professionals and business leaders can browse and request access to a broad range of solutions – from license-based products to free accelerators and open source solutions – to kickstart the development, testing and deployment of their technology products. In addition to the company’s open source solutions, EPAM’s team also regularly contributes to several of its customers’ open source projects, like EBSCO Information Services’ participation in the library services platform FOLIO.

"EPAM has enabled EBSCO to increase and sustain development capacity through large code contributions,” said Doug Jenkins, Chief Information Officer, EBSCO Information Services. “EBSCO has leveraged its relationship with EPAM to quickly deliver quality code, in collaboration with our partner libraries, for our industry's first open source library services platform, FOLIO. EPAM’s ability to quickly learn and work on addressing the needs of the FOLIO community has helped to increase the current overall velocity of the project."

EPAM SolutionsHub and OSCI will debut at SEC in Gdansk, Poland, EPAM’s fastest-growing location in Central & Eastern Europe. As EPAM’s largest annual event, SEC will bring together over 1,200 EPAM employees, key clients and strategic partners from 20 countries. In addition to a keynote address from EPAM CEO & President Arkadiy Dobkin, more than 40 speakers will share their technical, design, consulting and business expertise centered around the theme CONNECTED.

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