OSCI's New Look and Feel

It has been a few years since we released the Open Source Contributor Index (OSCI) to the world. While our vision of delivering the most up to date insights on enterprise open source activity hasn’t changed, the way we do it has. We are excited to announce that we are back with the newest version of OSCI!

"As the creators and ongoing maintainers of OSCI it’s been wonderful to see the rapidly growing interest in the index with many more visitors but also more and more organizations now choosing to be included and measure their employees’ open source contributions too” said Chris Howard, Open Source Lead at EPAM. "We felt it was necessary to invest the time and upgrade OSCI with much needed new functionality and a fresh look and feel that I’m truly excited to now see available for all.”

With an upgraded design, advanced filtering capabilities, detailed insights into every company, and new data visualization features, we hope to provide you with a more comprehensive look into the world of open source. In this article, we will walk you through each of OSCI’s newest updates and features.

Upgraded Look & Feel

OSCI’s new clean design, simple buttons and widgets help you effortlessly navigate between different data types and filters, providing at-a-glance insights into the most relevant open source trends.

Advanced Filtering

OSCI’s robust filtering capabilities allow you to slice data into smaller segments for deeper analysis into organizational and industry-specific open source trends. Organizational filtering allows you to quickly locate and select specific organizations of interest for comparison, while industry filtering grants the ability to view key data points on an industry-by-industry basis.


OSCI’s new charts allow you to quickly identify and visualize trends in open-source language and license usage. You can now explore insights into language and license popularity within specific organizations and industries, as well as across all organizations in the OSCI ranking.

Organization Insights

With the addition of the company drilldown feature, OSCI delivers organization-specific insights with enriched granularity. You can now select an organization you are interested in to quickly investigate information regarding their contributors, community, growth trends, and language/license usage to gain a better understanding of the open source ecosystem on an organization-by-organization basis.

How can you get involved in OSCI?

We are extremely excited about the upgraded version of OSCI and the subsequent improvements in functionality and user experience. With that said, OSCI is an ongoing project that relies on community-sourced feedback to continue advancing and evolving. We would be delighted if anyone would like to collaborate with us on GitHub to help us improve the platform, and we encourage you to share your thoughts at OSCI@epam.com to help us refine, improve, and optimize your OSCI experience.

Further - stay tuned for upcoming updates.

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